A Life in the day of an MMA Fighter: Shay Walsh

Everybody has ambitions to be the “next big thing” in the MMA scene. Who wouldn’t want the light, media, fandom, and fame that comes with such titles? But the true story is getting there…

Muay Thai fighter out of Lancaster, England Shay Walsh took to youtube to describe a day in the life of an MMA Fighter. He talked on the sacrifice necessary just for a shot at a title fight. Only days after the birth of his child, he was on the road on his way to train. The rigorous training consisted of two to three sessions a day, a very strict diet, and tight schedule. When asked why he was putting in so much hard work he said “for the belt” but also alluded to the stardom of being a champion. In his words every work out get him closer to that belt.

“For The Belt”

-Shay Walsh

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